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Survive Or Die
1.0 Survive or Die Basic

The basics of Survive or die is to kill monsters and gain points.
The more points you get the more Prize money and Experience you will gain.

2.0 Survive or Die Rounds

Survive or Die is divided into 7 rounds and a bonus round.
Each round as a specific list of monsters that spawns.

this is where the fun starts.
The rounds are also part of a set

Set 1 = Round 1-2-3
Set 2 = Round 4-5-6-7
Set 3 = Round 8

Set 1: 4 teams compete to get the highest score. After you complete Set 1 your character will dance/clap and a new window will open showing the points of all the teams.


You will be given cash and kicked out of Survive or Die

Why, simply because the 2 teams with the highest score will be moved to SET 2.

Set 2 : 2 teams compete to get the highest score. After you complete Set 2 your character will dance/clap and a new window will open showing the points of all the teams.


You will be given cash and kicked out of Survive or Die

The team with the Highest score out of the 4 teams will be able to Ascend to the 8th and Final Round.

Monster list Coming soon

3.0 Survive or Die Requirements

Survive or Die is divided into 2 Competition

Ricarten Competition : lvl 40 to 79

Navisko Competition : Lvl 80 +

Why am I using the word Competition, because Survive or Die is a big Competition between 4 Teams that competes.
That is why there is a scoring system in Survive or Die.

Always wondered why there are 4 NPC Standing there not doing nothing and looking pretty.
Well Each NPC represent a Team

For Ricarten NPC
NPC Agni - Tribal of Fire
NPC Nina - Tribal of Water
NPC Bayoo - Tribal of Wind
NPC Danu - Tribal of Land

For navisko NPC
NPC Casa - Tribal of Fire
NPC Ariel - Tribal of Water
NPC Sylpi - Tribal of Wind
NPC Noas - Tribal of Land

Depending on your level you can go to either Ricarten Survive or Die
or Navisko Survive or Die.

To enter the Survive or Die Competition:

At dawn, just after the night time is over.
You choose which team you want to enter by clicking the NPC.
She will ask you to say yes and then a small window will pop up and ask you to pay the entrance fee.

The Entrance fee is like any other competition, you need to pay to secure your spot in it.

The fee is calculated as follow

Ricarten Competition = 300 gold per character level.
Example : you are level 40, so [300 gold x 40 = 12 000 Gold Entrance Fee.]

Navisko Competition = 700 gold per character level
Example : you are level 100, so [700 gold x 100 = 70 000 Gold Entrance Fee.]

You can decide to Solo or party up.

for parties, just make sure that all party members enter Survive or Die by the same NPC

Hint: decide before hand which NPC/TEAM you want to enter and let the party know.

4.0 Point System.

To gather points, you simply need to

~First: Kill as many monsters as you can in each round

~Second: Survive each round without dying.

~Third: Use special drops to help you Survive ( Seals )
Blind Seal - Blinds the enemies.
Stun Seal - Stuns the enemies.
Freeze Seal - Freezes or slows the enemies.
Random Seal - Get a random seal.
Rabby Seal - Summons a Rabby Boss and rabby monsters to get Extra Points.
Stygian Seal - Summons a Stygian to Help you.
5000 points up - Gives you bonus points.
Death sword Seal - Gives you a flying sword that attacks.
Iron Seal - Gives you the ability to tank more.
Power Seal - Increases your ATK Power but lowers your ABS.
Quake Seal - Damanges all enemies with an earthquake.

Round 3 - 6 and 8 spawns a Boss Monster.

The Boss Monster will give Extra Points to the Player that kills it.

Round 3 Boss Monster : Guilty Gordon
Round 6 Boss Monster : Vega Dimir
Round 8 Boss Monster : HellSing

Each Party Member will gather individual points which will be added to the total points of the Team.

5.0 Survive or die Death.

So What does happen if you die in Survive or Die

Dying in Survive or Die is the same as dying in Priston tale.
A window will pop up asking you

Field - Town - Quit.

if you click field or town, you will be moved to your home town, Ricarten or Phillai.
If you click quit, you will exit the game.

Also dying in Survive or Die will cause you to loose the Competition which means :

You do not get Cash prize or Special Reward and the end.
You Loose Experience.
You have to wait till morning to Re-Enter Survive or Die.

6.0 Survive or Die Rewards.

Whats the point in Battling 4 teams, gripping to every point, Killing as much as possible and trying our best to be #1.

During the Survive or Die Competition,
Every point gained = 1 gold ( if you can finish first ) Gold awarded at the end of Survive or Die
Every loot that drops you can keep it if you pick it up ( even if you fail the Competition )
Experience, Experience, Experience. ( don't need to say more )

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